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Ivy Garden

Posted onAugust 11, 2016

There is a dress that has stalked me for several years. A dress that has popped up on many a group, forum and Instagram. A dress that I knew I would eventually own. A dress of dreams…

TheIvy Garden Sorbet dress from Chotronette.

Back in May with the exchange rate in my favour and with our first anniversary looming I bit the bullet and ordered a made to measure version of the dress. I was told it would take 4-5 weeks to create. I had a query about one aspect of my order, the team emailed me back – pretty much straight away! They were also really good at keeping in contact a lot (as we then got our mortgage approved and the house buying and moving process happened very quickly and so my address changed) and they were really just so helpful and always so quick to reply.

I have to admit, when the dress arrived I was initially really unsure about the fit on me. I didn’t really like how the mesh top looked on me and I seemed to gain so much bulk at the waist where the layers puffed out. Of course, I felt heartbroken! The dress I planned to wear for our anniversary dinner at Duck&Waffle, the dress I had dreamt about for years and waited for for weeks – a disaster!

Thankfully, my little babeRosie Redcame to see me the following week. She is the most optimistic person ever and nothing is ever a problem for her. She helped alter the mesh at the front of the dress (temporarily for now) and helped me style the dress with different bags and shoes. She urged me to try the dress on withher gorgeous little cincher that she made for meand hey presto, it was a new dress! It hits me perfectly on my 5’7 frame and the structure of the top and custom sizing makes a bra totally unnecessary – quite a nice feeling!

The dress itself is comfy to wear, but there is a lot of it! Sitting down on tubes and in restaurants on a Monday night in it took a little skirt maneuvering! The layer closest to the skin is a silky layer, but if it does ride up the tulle of the skirt is slightly scratchy.

I did worry that moving about in the skirt would cause the flowers within to dislodge or crumple, but the dress stayed in tact throughout out my anniversary meal and during the subsequent photos taken in it.

In these photos I am wearing the dress with the aforementioned corset and no bra! The structure supports me as well as helping to conceal the corset lines and backfat. The colours in the dress mean that this can be paired with a few colours – gold, red, pink, beige. Whips ’s a wow dress, and one that no one will forget. I know that Robbie’s face lit up when he saw me in it on July 4th wow. thats definitely a statement piece! whomever did the custom fitting did a great job fitting it for your bust, it looks very supportive without squashing your girls. I have never found a dress company that can achieve that for me (or that can let me go braless for a day!) and it cuts in beautifully to your waist too. you look fabulous (even if i do usually dislike all things with flowers….)

It’s beautiful n you are beautiful ! I’m so glad u got it you are fabulous as always ! Hugs

So beautiful! I would love to wear something like that some day, but my gut is too big. I’m tall, 5’11”, pretty busty, but I don’t have luck w/corsets. I don’t know how to cinch them correctly & I have 2 really neat ones I’ve never worn..

You look stunning in that dress. You’re just all lit up.& confidence & beauty are beaming from your face!

You don’t need a corset! I bet you would look incred x

Totally love the last bit about Robbie’s face lighting up! This dress is so beautiful on you and you have done justice with the amazing pictures you’ve taken! I’m in love! You look just like a princess ??

Absolutely stunning!! A real fairy dress ♥ Nice to know the troubles you had to face with it though, if I decided to order one…

You look gorgeous

I ‘am so jealious

Gorgeous, Gorgeous dress indeed! –and you wear it well–like royalty. Reminds me of an Easter dress my daughter picked out (who was 6 at the time) which consisted of layers of tulle with free floating silk flowers. She looked like a little princess.

I love that dress – so lovely!


I want this dress how can I get it

Fairy PRINCESS in dress from Glenda, The. GOOD Witch! You look GORGEOUS!

That dress is gorgeous and you wear it so well. It is definitely worth the fuss!

love this where was it from I am hoping to get married next year I am 65 and on a pension so will need to save for a dress but I love this one I am into 40/50’s and this would be perfect please reply if you can help me thanks in advance xx

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