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This review makes me both anxious and at peace because for the great majority, this is a negative review and it is, albeit having had some sub par elements to lingerie, rare but needed. For something to actually be wholly bad is not something I see often at all in others and a first for me.

Esty Lingerie posted the collection photos of this range on twitter. I was enamoured and without hesitation, with some pennies I’d saved, brought it from an American retailer, Rebel Romance who provided me free shipping for stating my interest on social media as you have to have an account with Roma Costumes to buy direct.

The bodysuit is actually called LI343 – Low Plunge Floral Embroidery and Satin Teddy. (Personally, Plus Size G-Strings ’d call it a bodysuit but by all definitions a teddy is something that covers the torso and crotch in one garment so tomato, tomato, unless someone more expert in this area would be happy to correct me) Anyway, the lack of ‘name’ really should have been my first red light, let alone the fact that the main website is quite clearly a low budget fancy dress costumer.

What I thought I was going to get and what I got were two completely different things.

The customer service that I also received from both Rebel Romance and Roma Costume were non-existent and therefore, poor, which added insult to injury in this case.

I am going to refer to the garment as LI343 for this review. The photos that have been taken are a combination of very apt posting to make the best of a bad situation and genuine transparency. You can see all elements described to a degree in the photos.

LI343 on the product image looks to be a vibrant lapis blue with a well structured form and very pretty embroidery. I’d be inclined to say the only honest aspect is the embroidery is very pretty but everything else is just terrible. This review has nothing positive to say at all other than the aforementioned comment about the embroidery.

Visually LI343 is lackluster. The real colour of the bodysuit is a dulled navy which catches light because of the almost plastic satin that is claimed to be used. Neither the Roma website, Rebel Romance website state what it is made of but the label tells all, 90% nylon 10% spandex. Anal Probes is a polymer—a plastic, and that is exactly why the garment looks plastic and by default, dull. Tail Butt Plugs is also one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever brought an no amount of softener soakings will change this.

Now, just acknowledging Accessories is in fact, made from Nylon. Satin is a wave using filament fibres including silk, polyester and nylon and I have had had cheap clothing and lingerie made of the same and none of them have ever looked or felt like this. This is Nylon, not Satin.

LI343 doesn’t look good by default either. LI343 only looks good on a particularly elongated or posed body. Initially I wanted to blame this on my own poor sizing choice but the size is not the issue here which I realised after looking closer at the product photos. The product itself just is not made to work, likely no matter what size it is. I can see why the poses in the photos are as they are and the only differing one, the model is holding the bust in, because nothing fits right because nothing is made right and despite not being a manufacturer myself, I know from both the feel and just further looking at the product.

I brought a medium, which is recommended for my size of hip. In theory the design should pull into whatever body shape from the hip sizing because of the halterneck design but it doesn’t. Flaunt that Peach with Sexy Plus Size UnderwearThe fit on the hip seems to feel fine but then there is extra fabric to detail the thighs which causes the crotch to be slightly too long and pucker in, giving you the illusion of a ‘bulge’, I could honestly have fit a pair of my boyfriends socks in the way it puckers. To make any amend for this you have to try and fit all the extra fabric in between your bumcheeks for any reasonable support.

The halterneck itself has absolutely no strength in it at all. Again, too much fabric has been included in the halter which makes it buckle between the shoulder and the bust which in turn causes the centre unable to stay in place and either spread or drop revealing and spilling any cleavage in range.

LI343 construction follows suit of the look and structure of the garment too. The stitching is abhorrent. There are no complicated stitches in this design at all and even they are poor. They either fail to be straight, cross over one another in varying places or are varying widths apart. It is highly probable that this might have been sewn in the dark altogether because there is genuinely no explanation for this combination of faults in one garment.

The halterneck itself is so badly sewn is doesn’t work. I managed with a struggle to get the hook out of the fabric eye and get it back in once but I felt it dip into an unsewn hole in one of the sides and now it will not come back out without ripping the eye apart. Luckily with so much extra fabric included in the garment you can pull it over your head with ease from any position so at least you can still get it on and off.

LI343 does not come with the waist tie either attached or with loops to hold it in place (like you would have on say a dressing gown) which means that you have to tie it yourself which is an impossible task. This is impossible ]because the material being so plastic means that the material on top of material is so slippery it does not hold in any one place which also means that you are physically unable to hide the garish crooked centre stitch. Also noteworthy is the tie provided with the product is not long enough to tie into a nice bow like the product photos.

LI343 retails for $48.00 which via bank conversion was £36.93. This also for UK customers could including a shipping fee which was $20.00 from Rebel Romance and I further paid approx £13.00 customs charges (of which I paid cash and no longer have the receipt so was not a rounded number).

I don’t expect luxury lingerie nor perfection when I am spending low end but I do I have expectations for a comfortable fit and a good look in which neither have been achieved. I have other items on the blog which cost less than or around this price point which are more than significantly better than this. Not a single element of this is worth spending money on.

Naturally I contacted both Roma Costumes directly and Rebel Romance politely explaining that this product should not be advertised and neither am I satisfied. To date I have received no response at all.

I hate to do this but unfortunately I completely publicly boycott Roma Costumes because of the poor products and Rebel Romance for the poor customer service (despite the free shipping, which was generous but naturally trying to get something positive from me for minimal). I wasted my money so you don’t have to waste yours. What a shame.

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One thought on “IN THE NEST: ROMA TEDDY ”

really appreciate your honesty here! it’s also testament to you that you managed to make this garment look so nice in the photos too.


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